A Law Practice with a concentration in the area of wills, trusts, estate planning and small business

How do you select an attorney to help you with your will, trust(s), estate plan, tax planning, or small business matters? It all begins with trust, mutual respect and integrity. Roger P. Asch, Esq. personally works with each client, providing the information, advice and counsel necessary for you to make decisions and take action.

When do you need legal advice? As a general rule, a change in life circumstances dictates the need for creating or updating your legal documents. Marriage, the arrival of a new baby, death or divorce, the acquisition of assets, are just a few examples of the types of life changes that necessitate the creating or amending of wills and other personal legal documents.

The establishment of a business venture creates another list of legal needs ranging from articles of incorporation, articles of organization (for limited liability companies), partnership agreements, employment agreements, as well as general business contracts including leases, buy/sell agreements among co-owners and vendor agreements.

Roger P. Asch Esq. assists clients with wills, trusts, estates, tax planning and small business. For more information, please Contact us.

Effective May 31, 2016, Roger P. Asch Esq. has joined the firm of Drummond & Drummond, LLP in order to provide a broader slate of services to clients. Roger continues to work personally with each client providing the quality of service and communication that has been his hallmark throughout his years of practice.